29 March 2015


Kent, United Kingdom

I visited Canterbury on Wednesday. I couldn't wished better weather. The sun was up, sky without clouds and the temperature was high (for England at least), nice weather, something what makes me always happy. I walk around the town and it's really cute, lovely place I must say. All the old little houses and nice small caffés. Perfect.
Then I walked into Canterbury cathedral. Oh my! Amazing, incredible place. If you are in UK, you must go there and visit. Impressive architecture, all the history and dead kings. :D


24 March 2015

Mersea Island

Essex, UK

This tidal unbridged island is just few miles from my current house, and I'm just falling in love with sea views, boats and sunset over the horizon. I probably sound a bit cheesy :D but yeah, I like to drive there quiet often because the view it's just wonderful. The island is split to West Mersea an East Mersea, where west part it's more about boats, fishing and marina and on the east part you can see more farmers.
 If you will go there, be sure you will have a coffee, or tea in West Mersea really cute tea room called The Art Cafe. Definetely worth it.
West Mersea

East Mersea

17 March 2015

Layer Marney Tower

This time, I didn't went so far away. First of all, the weather was horrible, but I'm not expecting that much from England and second of all, I was busy with changing nappies and babysitting. Well, that's my job here in UK. Professional Nanny :D
Anyway... I didn't want to just sit at home and watching Peppa Pig all day long, so I looked in the map and I found out that Layer Marney Tower it's like 3miles far away from my house. It's Tudor palace and it's place in Layer Marney village (shocker :D ) near Tiptree. Here is few photos how it's looks like :) Very pretty and calm place.

15 March 2015


My new favorite city ♥

I'm not really big fan of big cities, I'd rather go close to the ocean or somewhere to the seaside than to the crowdy city, but I had few days off, so I decided to go to visit my friend. So I booked bus from London to MAnchester (5hours on the road, 5£). Perfect! 
I arrived around 9pm so I had really quick walk thru the city, but I had three more days for exploring. I walked around China town, it'S nice. I went to Northern quarter - really cool part of MAnchester. I'd say a bit (a LOT) 'hipster' ☺☺ I didn't see that many Barber's shops on one street anywhere else! ☺ But I really loved the street art. Just brilliant. I took a free ride on the Wheel of MAnchester (Thanks a lot Wex♥) and I saw the amazing view of the city.
Another interesting part of MAnchester it's definiely the Gay village. this dstrict is full of bars, clubs,pubs and full of people in the night.
If u will be in MCR you have to visit the Wrthworth gallery. It's been open just for two weeks now and it's pretty impressive! I had to go there twice, I just didn't have enough.
Anothrer thing what you should do there is to visit the Media city. This part of MAnchester is fulll of modern architecture and if you can go there after sunset, it's probably the best. All the lights and everything, so cool! There is the Lowrty gallery as well and I felt so lucky 'cause the Casa Tomada exhbition was just on. If you have the opportunty to see this somewhere, go! This ar installaton is made by Rafael Gómezbarros. A thousand giant ants made from the cast of human skulls.
SO I easily fall in love with this city. It's fresh and you have lots to do there. I have to go there again.
Gay village and famous Canal street

View from the Wheel of Manchester
The Manchester Gallery
The Town Hall
Old Trafford - Manchester United
Northern Quarter - street art
The Whitworth Art Gallery

14 March 2015

The only way is Essex

Moving to England!

Even that I loved Finland it was time for change. I switched freezing weather for rainy and muddy England. So it was 7th of January and I was moving to UK. To lovely countryside in Essex. And I love it here so far.                                          ☺
East Mersea
West Mersea

13 March 2015


Beyond The Arctic Circle, Finland

Holiday in Lapland! I was so excited. I grabbed my snowboard and off I went. Three hours by bus to Mikkeli and then twelve hours by car to Levi in Lapland. Reindeers all around, completely dark at 2pm, ride with huskys and snowboarding on totally empty slopes. Awesome ten days. Just a bit pity that I missed Northern Lights. Maybe next time...

...kind of a different pub in Levi, 2pm
Husky ride! ♥